Oslo, Norway

                                            HELLO OSLO 

Located on the arcade river in Norway south east is the beautiful city of Oslo. It the cultural heart of the country as well as the capital of it; Oslo is also the gateway of Norway’s natural beauty. Salt water runs deep in the lane of this sophisticated city.

Things to do in Oslo- 

  • Vigeland Sculpture Park- Beautiful sculpted work of Gustav Vigeland will take your breath away. No ticket is required here.
  • Viking Ship Museum- Located in Bygdoy ,it has preserved Viking ships
  • Akershus Fortress- It is a Beautiful Castle of Medieval period
  • Frogner Park- It has thousands of varieties of plants and flowers
  • Royal Palace- Palace built in 19th century
  • Norwegian museum of cultural history
  • Munch museum
  • Fram museum
  • Oslo Opera House- It is an Opera theatre in Bjorvika with contemporary architecture
  • Kon Tiki Museum – It is a museum of Boats
  • Bygdoy- It is known for its beaches and museums
  • Oslo cathedral- it is a 17th century church
  • Ekeberg – Beautiful sculptures can be seen here in a park.

Best Foodie Experience- 

The best Norwagian dishes are-

  • Farikal, a lamb and cabbage stew
  • Lapskaus, brown stew
  • Kjottkaker, meat balls
  • Steamed salmon

You can try these at Restaurant Schroder and Dovrehallen. Other than these you can also visit Gamle Raadhus Restaurant and try Reindeer and lutefisk here. Norway is also known for Sea food, if you are a sea food fan, you must visit Solsiden Restaurant and Lofotstua.

No matter where you wander in Oslo, this modern city with a Heroic past is full of character, flavor and adventure.